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A month after 9-11 friends of FDNY Chaplain Father Mychal Judge gathered for an evening of song, stories, prayer, tears and laughter. It was a night of tenderness, inspiration and surprise as people shared from the heart their memories of Fr. Mychal. Remembering Mychal, our 50 minute long film weaves stories from that night 20 years ago with music, archival footage and photographs. 


Thank you for your support in sharing Fr. Mychal's story.


With your help we will screen in festivals, schools and communities across the world. Your support helps with costs of final editing, design, photograph and music rights as well as translation into Spanish, Polish and other languages.  


 Your donations also will help meets costs of digital streaming, DVD production as well ad 

 the companion book collection of stories and letters.


We look forward to screening the film and sharing Fr Mychal’s story for your film festival, your community, your school and especially being able to extend thanks in person .


Brendan Fay 

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