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Premiere screening of film tribute to Fr. Mychal Judge, Priest of 9/11

 90th birthday tribute to Malachy McCourt.

A premiere screening of the documentary film, ’Remembering Mychal’ on Fr. Mychal Judge, FDNY Chaplain of 9/11, was held on October 26, at the Scandinavia House Theater in New York City.

“Remembering Mychal” is directed by Brendan Fay and edited by Ed Caraballo.

The film recalls the 'Months Mind' gathering after the attacks on 9/11 where people shared their memories and stories of Fr. Mychal Judge.

On October 11, 2001 a month after Franciscan Chaplain Father Mychal Judge died in the 9/11 attacks in the World Trade Center, friends gathered to grieve, find hope and remember their priest and friend, Fr. Mychal. In stories, prayer and song, parishioners from New Jersey and New York, recovering alcoholics, firefighters, Franciscans, People with AIDS, Irish musicians and the LGBTQ community unwrap the life and heart of Mychal Judge. In tenderness, tears and laughter - a compassionate and human Father Mychal emerges, the peoples Mychal Judge.

"On this 20th anniversary of 9/11 the film helps us remember our priest and good friend Father Mychal Judge. Compassion was his way. He had a heart as big as New York,” said director and producer Brendan Fay.

Featured voices in the film include Malachy McCourt, Pete Hamill (1935-2020), Mychal McNicholas, Michael Daly, Tommy Ryan (FDNY), Jose Rodriguez (NYPD), Debi Rabbene, Larry Boes and Mary Somoza. Music is by Mary Courtney with Morning Star, along with renowned Irish musicians and composers Cormac Breatnach, Jack Harrison and Michael James Regan.  

"On 9/11, a day of death, hate and profound grief Mychal Judge is a face of compassion and hope for humanity,” said Fay.

On 9/11 Mychal Judge as he did every day of his Franciscan life went towards the place of pain and suffering as a bearer of hope and comfort. For so many he is a saint of 9-11. It was an emotional evening for the premiere screening  with humanity, tears, courage, love and laughter. The theater was packed.

There were words of thanks to Brendan Fay by New York City Council Member Danny Dromm.

The program opened by celebrating Malachy McCourt who recently turned 90. Director Brendan Fay thanked Malachy for his community leadership 20 years ago when he emceed the Months Mind gathering a few weeks after 9/11. “Our City was in a state of profound trauma and grief”, Fay said. Tom Moulton presented Malachy with cake and flowers. Irish musician Mary Courtney led the singing of happy birthday. There was laughter as Malachy McCourt told of years of friendship and sobriety with Fr. Mychal. McCourt soon had everyone singing "Wild Mountain Thyme." 

Mary Courtney sang a moving rendition of Dave McGilton's ballad in honor of Father Mychal “The Sky Belongs to Dreamers.”

There was a stillness in the theater with the opening scenes and Mychal's voice from September 10, 2001. It was from the rededication and blessing of the Bronx firehouse, Engine73/Ladder 42. “You do what God has called you to do.  You show up.  You put one foot in front of another.  You get on the rig and you go out and you do the job – which is a mystery.” 

This would be his final benediction and homily before his death the following day on 9/11.

The film weaves archival footage, images and words of Fr. Mychal in between stories of his years as  Franciscan parish priest, outreach to grieving families of Flight 800, AIDS ministry, his advocacy for the LGBTQ community, his love of sobriety and his dedication as chaplain to the New York City Fire Department.

After the screening there were heartfelt stories of 9/11 and Father Mychal as Fay and Caraballo were joined on the stage by retired firefighter Tommy Ryan, Mychal McNicholas, Tom Duane, Kevin Scullin, Tom Moulton, Jose Rodriguez & Debi Rabbene's son Michael and sister Laurie Heinz.

Ed Caraballo spoke of the emotion of editing the film through the pandemic and now being on the New York stage together in person "Remembering Mychal."

Brendan Fay said “With tenderness and gratitude I am moved to be sharing Mychal's story with a new generation who have grown up since 9-11. Fay said, “This is a shared production. People opened their hearts, shared their stories, photographs and letters from Fr. Mychal.   I thank all whose love and support helped bring Mychal 's story to the New York screen. This is a first step in a journey for the film.”  Fay said, “The film is a tribute to Mychal, our “anamchara”, our friend who lived the prayer of St. Francis as he brought peace and compassion through the streets of New York, parishes in New Jersey, as peace pilgrim in Jerusalem and Belfast and as a bearer of hope and healing. Compassion was his way.” Within days of the New York premiere Fay who also directed “Taking a Chance on God”, the award winning film on pioneer priest John McNeill, has been getting calls and emails from around the USA and Ireland, Poland, Mexico. “I look forward to bringing the  inspiring story of Fr. Mychal Judge to festivals, to communities and schools.” (Photos by Razid Senior).

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